Virtual Tours

Aventura jurasica

On this tour you will discover the dinosaurs that lived during the Mesozoic era. We will meet the famous Allosaurus, T. rex, Triceratops, among others. To conclude, we will perform a dynamic called "how dinofan are you?"
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virtual night creatures

Many are afraid of the dark, but in the natural world, there are some species that prefer these moments in order to live. It is these creatures that we call nocturnal. We will make an imaginary trip where we will meet species such as: the guácharo, the bat, the boa constrictor, among others! In addition, we will play a charade of animal sounds. Rrrrrr, guess!
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Virtual marine world

We will learn about the various sea creatures through their skeletons. Did you know that dolphins long ago walked on land and had to adapt to aquatic life? We will learn all of this in this fascinating tour of our Osteology room, guided by a specialist.
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The wonderful world of bugs - virtual

Have you ever seen a live tarantula, or maybe a glowing scorpion? In this fascinating tour you will discover the "World of Bugs" Join us to learn about insects such as the praying mantis, the centipede, the Madagascar cockroaches and many others!
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Virtual Wild Maternity

In this special tour we will be able to learn about the parental care of different species, both prehistoric and current. We will go through the paleontology room, where we will learn how dinosaurs cared for their young, as well as the parenthood of various species of arthropods, birds and mammals.
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Selvámonos al museo virtual

We will learn about the representative species of the Amazon that we have in the museum, imagining that we are on a journey through the jungle thanks to the icaros. We will meet species such as: the boa constrictor, the paiche, the otorongo, among others. A fun and new experience.
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